Quran Era - Non Musical Quran website for kids

Rumaisa Bilal

Quran Era - Non-Musical website and app:
While living in non-Muslim country, it's challenging to teach your kids Quran. Sometimes it gets hard to find some reliable Quran teacher for them, who can teach them Quran in a fun and engaging way.
Quran Era has solved this problem by providing young Muslim children with Qari snail, that takes them around different continents, with several fun games, Nasheed and Quizes and rewards.
I have personally tried it for one year, my 4-year-old has started reading Qaida Noraniah with the help of Qari Snail Alhamdulillah. High quality content right from the comfort zone.
You can create separate accounts for each child. Non-Musical interactive Nasheed's, interesting stories, coloring, small tests to check their knowledge and understanding, rewards to encourage kids and lot more fun.
They have used English alphabets to relate Arabic phonics e.g. أ with A etc.
It's been while that my kids have used this app and they are really enjoying it so far. It contains lots of fun games while crossing different continents.
Being as Pakistani ourselves, my kids felt special when they saw Ghusling Kangroo in Pakistan. 

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