Arabic / English Picture/Board books for kids

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Raising bilingual children?

Arabic VS English? 

Willing to love your child Arabic, while they are building vocabulary?

I've a solution for this. Here are some of my favorite bilingual books that I'm sure your child is going to love as well. Try them!

My Arabic Alphabet Word Book (Let's learn Alif Baa Taa!):
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I hate writing in books
if they wipe erased books
I Love them the most
or my kids
We can't decide
but we LOVE this wipe erase board book.
The only board book without images I have seen so far.
Learn the alphabet, develop vocabulary and enjoy your steps towards learning Arabic with confidence.
Beginner? No problem, for audio learners this book comes with QR code at the end for Arabic pronunciation which can help you and your child to learn Arabic with confidence.
Arabic is the 2nd language for my kids and this was among one of the reasons for our homeschooling to preserve this beautiful language before it's too late!
How many languages does your child know? Are you raising Trilingual or bilingual? 👇


Jack and the Bean Stalk:

Bilingual classic tale
Jack and the Beanstalk is a famous classic story based on an orphan child, some magical beans, a hen with golden eggs and a cruel giant.
I was gifted this book I exchange of my honest review.
Usually in translated books, they lose the quality of the content which always makes me sad. I was glad to see the translation quality in this book which is quite accurate and if you are trying to teach your kids some Arabic then this will be good choice. I would say this is for intermediate readers those who know how to read Arabic well or learning how to read as Arabic text comes with "harakat". Also, early readers can practice their reading with vocabulary at the end.
Moreover, at the end it has vocabulary list in bold that helps kids to understand words and their meanings. The illustrations are simple and nice.


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