Eid Gift basket

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Eid Gift Basket:

Eid is around the corner and as a practicing Muslim family, it is big day for us. We don't celebrate any local celebrations and not even Birthdays, so Eids are really special days for us. I always try to buy some reasonable kids for my kids to make their Eid big days for them and this time I'm sharing some gift ideas for my daughter that you can take benefit from as well inshaAllah.

 My simple Eid gift basket includes:

  1. Ramadan bundle from Earth Custodians including 99 names of Allah poster for kids, Ramadan and Eid theme stickers, Coloring Eid cards
  2. Jewellary from Dollarama
  3. Bangles (as a south Asian child, she loves to wear bangles on Eid day)
  4. Play-doh
  5. Crayola colors
  6. Some Treat. I'm including some M$Ms and you can add anything available.

I'm sure my simple basket will be helpful.

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