FREE list of Muslim Picture books  Toronto Public Library

FREE list of Muslim Picture books Toronto Public Library

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Alhamdulillah finally after 2 years I'm sharing my list of all Muslim kids' books that are available in Toronto Public Library. This list contains all problem-free books while there are several new and old books in the library. I have read all of these books personally with my kids during lockdown in Global Pandemic Alhamdulillah since 2019. Also, I have recommended some books which aren't available yet and yes you can place them on hold to be the 1st one to get them.  

This list is Sadaqah-al-Jariah and can't be sold at all. Please do inform your local masjids, Islamic schools, so that most people can take benefit inshaAllah. 

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Customer Reviews

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Diana Haydee Sosa Lavielle
Love it!

I love it, it inspired me to seach bookd from Muslim authors and we full our home with Islamic literature for our family. Great! Thanks mashaaAllah Jazakhumullahukhairun

Nil Sariay
Wonderful Muslim books list

I felt really special when I saw this list and I really would like to thank everyone who made a great effort for this.